Christina Aguilera’s Fiery ‘hunger Games’ Single Art Revealed: Take A Look!

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Katniss Everdeen is front and center of the just-released visuals for ‘We Remain.’ By Brenna Ehrlich We got a taste of Christina Aguilera’s stirring “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” track last week when the full soundtrack listing was revealed now, we’ve got the “We Remain” single art to look at. A dramatic image, the art shows Katniss Everdeen splayed on the ground perhaps among the horrors of the arena looking off into the distance. The sequel to “The Hunger Games” in which children were forced to fight to the death for the amusement of an oppressive upper class “Catching Fire” sees victors Everdeen and Peeta Mellark thrown back into the arena, where they will go toe-to-toe with all past Hunger Games winners. Meanwhile, a rebellion brews, instigated by the duo’s refusal to kill each other in the last battle royale. The film hits theaters in November. The photo perfectly matches the strident, wistful nature of Aguilera’s track, in which she sings, “Whatever happens here/We remain.” A message to fellow fighter and love interest Peeta, perhaps? The image follows close on the heels of similar single art for Coldplay’s “Hunger Games” contribution, “Atlas,” which sees Katniss standing boldly on an outcropping of rock, bow and arrow in hand. The “Catching Fire” soundtrack contains a bevy of other up-and-comers and powerhouses, including the Weeknd, Lorde, Imagine Dragons, the Lumineers and Patti Smith. We wonder which track will be released next and what manner Katniss will adopt in the accompanying art. Will it be the National’s deep, dark song “Lean” ? Or Lorde’s Tears for Fears cover, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”? Whatever it is, may the odds ever be in our favor that it drops soon. The cover art for Christina Aguilera’s “We Remain” Photo: Lionsgate

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. Photo by Frederick M. There has been some speculation that the 32 year old entertainer may have possible had plastic surgery or used a drastic, low calorie diet to achieve these amazing results. Radar online reported on October 7, 2013, she shed an amazing 80 pounds. There was much talk about her weight about a year ago. Rumors even was she was expecting because of the extra weight she was carrying around. She was estimated to weigh about 185 pounds, which for her small frame of only 52 is quite a bit of weight. She is estimated now to weigh a perfect 110 pounds , according to Radar online. Another possible explanation for her extreme results could be plastic surgery. According to a Beverly Hills surgeon, Dr. Lance Wyatt , who has not treated Christina Aguilera, speculated she may have had a breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. He claimed her face looked thinner and her waistline was more defined. She achieved these results in a year, according to sources. One year is more than enough time for one to lose 80 pounds if they eat a healthy diet and exercise frequently.

The tabloid adds that Blake won’t stop talking about the powerhouse vocalist and even commented that he wished Miranda was in such good shape! Blake seems so kind on the programme so for anyone else who watches it, the rumours will be hard to believe. But the Inquirer says that Miranda also has a list of people her hubby should stay away from such as much older guest mentor Cher, and two other 24-year-old past contestants. Even though Xtina has shed weight for her upcoming wedding to Matthew Rutler, Miranda is said to be comparing herself to the pop diva on a regular basis especially after piling on stress weight herself. Miranda is reportedly worried after Blake and Christina began enjoying drinks together in their dressing room and has now revoked the “free pass” she gave him basically bed Christina. It all sounds a tad sensationalised but am I the only one who thinks the pass was a bad idea anyway? Elton goes Gaga for his Lady and Depp In other news the October 14 issue is certain Elton John was secretly trying to set up Lady Gaga with Johnny Depp although they both have respective partners. The cheeky pianist thinks the eccentric pair would make the perfect couple but she’s seeing actor Taylor Kinney and he’s romancing the gorgeous Amber Heard. Wonder what they they’ll think when flicking through the mag with their morning coffees. Is Lena Done-ham? And finally, Lena Dunham may seem like the totally down to earth type in her show Girls and even on the red carpet as she ditches the conventional Hollywood look. However the Inquirer suggests different as according to a source, fame has gone to her head. So much so that she has someone shielding it at all times. Apparently she wants a skivvy to protect her fair skin with a brolly at all times and has someone feed her lunch so she doesn’t break a sweat in her make-up.

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If all is right in the world, Team Adam will win.’ Returning champ: Blake made sure the singer’s knew about his three wins on The Voice Spanish singer: Michael Lynch performed Bailamos in English and Spanish Latin pop singer Michael Lynch, 27, from Chicago, Illinois, began studying Spanish in high school – then moved to Mexico City in a bid to make it. But it was tough as an American so he moved back to the States where he is a landscape gardener while singing part-time. ‘I’m not trying to be something that I’m not,’ he insisted before singing Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias, which features Spanish lyrics. Nice jacket: Cee Lo raised his hands as he listened to Lupe Carroll who ended up on his team Making his pitch: Adam pointed out why he should be picked as a mentor And within seconds Christina had turned around and started dancing in her seat. Soon after both Blake and Cee Lo joined her. In the end Michael chose Christina – finishing off her team. ‘The best choice for me right now has to be Christina,’ he said, before she salsa danced with him on stage and they dueted on Bailamos. ‘Match made in heaven!’ she proclaimed. ‘We’re almost like kindred spirits. ‘I have a really talented team. I’ve got a lot of different flavours.’ Duet time: Christina and Michael sang an impromptu duet of Bailamos Brian Pounds from Austin, Texas once wanted to be a pro baseball player, following in the footsteps of his sporty family. But he turned to the guitar instead – but wasn’t making any money. ‘You definitely have those moments of self-doubt,’ he said.

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